We teach life skills through dance

At Dance Academy, we’re inspiring the next generation of leaders to take their place, on and off the stage.

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Welcome to dance Academy

We teach kids how to be successful no matter what they pursue in life. We teach dance, too.

Life-long friendships, career advancement, and life skills — discipline, teamwork, and respect — are just a few of the qualities our students take with them forever.


Programs we offer

Intermediate level AGES 6 – 12

Dance Foundations

For students ages 6 to 12, we offer a variety of classes, featuring individualized attention — perfect for students who love to dance!

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Beginner level AGES 1 – 5

Little Groovers

For students ages 1 to 5, we offer a variety of classes that enhance your child’s imagination & create friendships that last forever.

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Advanced level AGES 13 – 18

Pro Movers

For students ages 13 to 18, we offer elite training through weekly classes & structured curriculums, with multiple performances each year.

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We connect kids with community


What family and friends are saying

I’m not sure where I’d be in life without my dance teachers and my studio. It was my home away from home and they’re my people. I still visit the studio today, often reminiscing about all the memories I made there.


Austin Roberson
Kansas City, KS

Dance instilled confidence in me and provided me with a community of people I could trust. My teachers constantly encouraged and challenged me to become the best version of myself in dance and life in general. The skills and values I acquired through dance still impact my life today, and I am forever grateful!


Paige Gurley
Dallas, TX

Growing up, all I could think about was dance. No matter what I was doing, I was constantly dreaming of my next dance class. Throughout my dance career, I developed a confidence that I still carry with me today in all areas of my life. Dance has inspired me to do everything with hard work and excellence!


Stephanie Penderton
Bloomington, IL

My dance teachers helped to shape me into who I am today. When I was a child, I looked up to my teachers and aspired to have that type of impact on students of my own someday. Now, here I am years later teaching dance full time and living my dream! I can honestly say dance truly changed my life.


Amanda Kelley
Cincinnati, OH

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